Monitoring & Alerting Addon




The Monitoring and Alerting Addon to our base product provides deep insights into the health and performance metrics of your Miningcore Pool Server installation. The Solution is built on proven and mature technologies such as Prometheus (Collection and monitoring), Alertmanager (Alerting) and Grafana (visualization).


  • Graphs
    • Pool
      • Miner connections (per Coin)
      • Share submissions (per Coin)
      • Pool-side hash calculation metrics (per Coin)
      • Pool managed memory usage (per Coin)
    • Server/VM
      • CPU utilization
      • Postgres Database
        • Read load
        • Write load
        • Transactions
        • Storage utilization
        • Sessions
      • Network utilization
        • Connections
        • Bandwidth in
        • Bandwidth out
        • Latency
      • Memory
      • Storage
        • IOPS
        • Used space
        • Free space
        • Bandwidth
  • Pre-configured downtime alerts for all servers in the cluster


The addon requires our base product to be already installed or being purchased alongside this product.

The services will be installed on your dedicated servers or virtual-machines. The following list represents the bare minimum for a working installation:

  • 1x Server with 1 vCPUs, 2 GB RAM and 40 GB SSD Storage


Temporary SSH access to your Linux based server-infrastructure is required. Depending on our current order backlog, it may take up to a week to complete the installation of your services. We will immediately get in touch with you upon receiving your order to discuss the delivery time frame. Please contact us in advance to receive an estimated delivery date.


One month of support is included with every purchase. Long-term support agreements can negotiated separately.