Miningcore Setup




Remote setup of Miningcore Crypto Mining Pool on your servers. Includes configuration of up to four different crypto-currencies and up to two cluster-locations (POP). The Pool will be designed as an extensible cluster that can be easily augmented through additional cluster locations to improve reliability, scalability and global reach. 

The service covers every aspect of the installation, including all software-dependencies such as database- installation and configuration, network- and firewall-configuration, alerting, maintenance jobs for log rotation, DAG cleanup, database-cleanup and everything else required for a smooth operation.

Before ordering: Verify that the crypto currency you intend to mine is actually supported by our software. When in doubt ask!


A live demo of a production pool is running at The website frontend is NOT included but can be ordered separately.

Additional Crypto-Currencies

To support more than the included four crypto currencies with your pool, you need to purchase those separately.


The services will be installed on your dedicated servers or virtual machines. The following list represents the bare minimum for a working installation:

  • 1x Server with 4 vCPUs, 16 GB RAM and 100 GB SSD (Master & Database)
  • 1x Server with 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM and 100 GB SSD (Coin Daemon/Node)
  • 1x Server with 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM and 40 GB SSD (Stratum)

Currently only Debian and Ubuntu Linux is supported as server operating system.

If you are inexperienced in managing cloud-infrastructure, we can also take care of allocating the necessary resources for you on all major cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner), on your behalf, free of charge (requires that you grant us temporary administrative access to your platform of choice).

Networking Setup for Cloud Deployments

For security reasons, at least the first two servers listed above should be connected through your cloud-provider’s private networking technology. Ideally, all of your servers would be part of the same private network. In reality though, this is not always possible as virtual private networks are usually limited to one geographic region for most cloud-providers and you will need servers of the third type in multiple regions for multi-region deployments. Luckily this does not pose a real problem because all traffic between the master server and the stratum servers will be encrypted anyway.


Some coins (Ethereum being the prime example) require significantly better hardware to be mined profitably. When in doubt, contact us before ordering.


One month of support is included with every purchase. Individual long-term support agreements available on request.


Temporary SSH access to your Linux based server-infrastructure is required. Depending on our current order backlog, it may take up to a week to complete the installation of your services. We will immediately get in touch with you upon receiving your order to discuss the delivery time frame. Please contact us in advance to receive an estimated delivery date.

The Process

  1. Once your order is received, we will send you an invitation to our customer support site where we will discuss anything of importance before, we can start working on your order. This will entail at the very least receiving temporary access credentials for your server infrastructure, or in case you would like to have us setup your infrastructure as well, exchange of temporary credentials for your cloud-provider of choice.
  2. If we need to setup your cloud infrastructure, there will be a relatively quiet period of one or two days where not much appears to happen, as we need time to customize the necessary setup scripts. Once this is done, the process picks up steam with the servers coming online in a fully automated fashion.
  3. Throughout the process we will be in constant communication with you, not only to update you on the progress but discuss issues that might need clarification before we can proceed.
  4. With the servers running, we can now start working on the servers itself. This stage will also be fully automated once we have customized everything to your requirements and will likely take between 1 and 3 business days. The actual time depends on the complexity of your setup.
  5. Now a joint test phase will commence where we validate that everything is working as expected and any remaining issues get fixed by us.
  6. If you also have ordered the Web Frontend for your Pool, we can now start working on basic customization of the website according to your specifications (logo, intro texts, etc.).
  7. At this point your pool has likely moved into production, but you are still eligible for next-business day support during the first month. Should you require ongoing support beyond the initial 30 days, we can certainly work out a suitable deal.


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