You dream. We build.

Running a Crypto Mining Pool can be a lucrative endeavor, but building a Mining Pool is hard. Attracting miners to a pool is even harder, yet losing them forever is quite easy. This is why it is so important to get it right the first time!

We’re here to take care of the heavy lifting, while you can focus on your goals! Your pool will be built – and optionally maintained – by the lead developer of the premier open source mining pool solution. Once your pool is operational you won’t be on your own. Support during your critical first month of operation is part of the package. Long-term support contracts can be negotiated individually.

We also offer custom-contracts for advanced scenarios not covered by our stock offerings such as integrating a new crypto-currency into Miningcore and setting up a launch-pool. Got questions? Leave us a message!


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Showing all 4 results